Past Gulf Coast Spring Pilgrimage Art Archive

Here is the existing archive of art images that have been used over the years for the Mississippi Gulf Coast Spring Pilgrimage. I have been informed that the actual archive was lost during Katrina. There are only a few images at the moment, but hopefully we will acquire more in the future. If you have any booklets or cards that you would like to add to our collection, please contact us, or any member of the
Mississippi Gulf Coast council of Garden Clubs. They will be photographed and added to our digital collection. If we digitize these images we will be able to share them with the future members of our garden clubs. So, everyone start looking for past Pilgrimage art covers

Please remember that all images are copyrighted by the Mississippi Gulf Coast Council of Garden Clubs, Inc. Spring Pilgrimage.

Spring Pilgrimage 2003 56th
Spring Pilgrimage 2004 57th
Spring Pilgrimage 2009 Card Art Work
Spring Pilgrimage 2011 59th
Spring Pilgrimage 2014-62nd-Book





Spring Pilgrimage 2015 -63rd Card
Spring Pilgrimage 2015 63rd Book
Spring Pilgrimage 2016 -64th Card
Spring Pilgrimage 2016 -64th Book
Spring Pilgrimage 2017 -65th Card