All that’s left, 2016 Spring Pilgrimage

The 2016 Spring Pilgrimage is Over
“All that’s left are good memories and souvenirs”

The 2016 Spring Pilgrimage is over and done with.  All that we have left are some rack cards, our guide books and some really pleasant memories.  Every year there is so much to see.  So much to do that we just can not see everything. Each year there is always that one last place that there is just not enough time to get to visit. This coming year we will just have to try a tiny bit harder to not dally to much in any one spot.  Keep on our schedule and try to see it all.

There are just so many people that are working together to create a warm, inviting atmosphere for our pilgrimage that it would take some work to thank everyone involved,

First, we would like to thank all the people that came to the 2016, Gulf Coast, Coastal Treasures,  Spring Pilgrimage this year.  We hope that all that attended will come again next year for the 65th Spring Pilgrimage. 

Secondly, a most grateful thank you to all of the home owners and sites that were involved.  What would the pilgrimage be without there being willing to share there places with the public in such a wonderful way.

Next we would also like to thank the members of the Pilgrimage committee and the affiliate clubs from the following cities:

Biloxi, Diamondhead, Gautier,  Gulf Hills, Gulfport, Long Beach, Moss Point, Ocean Springs,  Pascagoula, and Pass Christian.  Without the hard work and dedication of the individual clubs this annual sharing of the Gulf Coast lifestyle would never be possible.

Finally, we would once more like to thank the people that are the real bread and butter of the MS Gulf Coast Pilgrimage… Our sponsors. Every year they help us by their very generous financial support.  Allowing us to provide this as the only complimentary pilgrimage of this nature in the Southern United States.

In 2017 we will be bringing you an assortment of carefully selected new and historic homes and gardens for your viewing enjoyment.
Remember, it’s the people that make this happen!


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A few Images of Past Pilgrimage Places